Monday, 7 September 2020

And I Thought...


Wallingford Bridge

And I  thought I`d take a wander, along the River Thames Pathway...

To absorb all the natural beauty I might encounter this glorious Summers' day.

So many Ducks, Swans, Geese and Coots all at their respective play,

Whilst the always and ever-protecting Willows, soporifically sway.

And I thought I`d then meander through, the ancient Castle Grounds,

Where King William's once mighty fort dominated all around,

Whilst Anglo-Saxon Earthworks remind us of past Warriors so brave,

They, whom sent those pesky Vikings packing, lest they'd face an early grave!

And I thought I`d then ponder over Wallingford's illustrious past:

The Romans. Saxons, even Vikings and of course, the Royal Mint,

Whose coinage bore the Portcullis and the Monarch's head of the day

Portraying the towns importance in such a highly positive way.

And I thought I should remember then, the English Revolutionary times,

Of Cromwell's thuggish Army and their many, many crimes,

For, in fear this Royalist town might rise up once again, they pulverised and pounded all that was around,

The Castle and many Churches razed, smashed into the ground.

St Peter's Church which was badly damaged by Cromwell.

And I thought next time I wander, along the River Thames Pathway

I`d repeat much of this routeway but adding other aspects to my day.

To learn more of our towns great history and natural beauty too

And, if I continue then so to do, then all will be, just as I thought....

Wallingford on Thames - A tribute.


Chris Green 

Besparmak Media Services

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