Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Islamic State – the ‘cancer’ spreads…

Indian Cobra

Although the bites of some species of the Cobra are extremely dangerous because of their potent neurotoxins, cobras have not been shown to attack people unprovoked. Cobras almost never attack without a threat display, which typically involves raising the hood and hissing. COBRA, the acronym for Cabinet Office Briefing Room-A, needs to be considering responses to the growing threat of Islamic State in a far more venomous manner than mere hissing and furthermore, highly deadly pre-emptive strikes against what has to be the most predatory enemy of mankind, are surely now a priority in terms of planning.

The first Cobra meeting took place in the 1970s in response to the miner's strike. Other events that have led to meetings convening include the fuel protests, the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak and the July 7th 2005 attacks in London and more recently, the murder of Lee Rigby. In the current crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron must be considering the recall of Parliament as the urgent need for a decisive course of action must be debated in the House of Commons.

Cabinet Office Briefing Room-A

On the last occasion when armed action in Syria was brought to the House for debate, there was seemingly no appetite for deploying our Armed Forces for active service ‘in-theatre’, although it is a fair observation to make, that the Leader of the Opposition swung against direct action for purely political reasons. Today, neither side in the House – even the modern day ‘Conchies’, can argue that the National Security of Great Britain and its wider interests are under anything other than a direct threat from Islamic State. Furthermore, our allies are threatened too and as such, we surely have a duty to ‘weigh-in’ in the fullest sense.

Let us consider recent developments, not all of which have been reported in Western Media. Yesterday (22nd September) some Turkish language newspapers were reporting that some 300 Iraqi soldiers had been killed by IS forces by way of chlorine gas attacks. One can only wonder as to who supplied them with this material, but it was also reported that IS had hanged some of their own number for apparently failing to act ruthlessly enough. The 'order of the day' within IS now is ‘Kill by all possible means’, whilst a contact of this columnist has produced photographic evidence of people being slaughtered in a manner even food-animals would not endure. The actual methodology will not be elaborated here and it must be stressed that the evidence in relation to the latter is uncorroborated.

Other sources have suggested to the writer that IS forces are also threatening to attack targets in Egypt and furthermore, that they are being reinforced by way of ostensible ‘tourists’ to south-Cyprus then diverting to Turkey and into Syria in order to bolster the already burgeoning, yet well funded, organised and certainly well armed Islamic State terror organ. It has furthermore been suggested that some 3000 Turkish volunteers have crossed the Syrian border to so engage. For its part, Turkey is absorbing more and more refugees with 130,000 crossing over its borders in recent days.

Just as IS cells are emerging in other countries like latter-day 5th Columnists, it has to be the case that the UK is likely to have IS ‘cancer-cells’ dormant within its borders awaiting a catalyst, presumably by way of a coded signal, to strike targets here in Great Britain or perhaps to take hostages, just as is being ruthlessly carried out on a daily basis a few thousand miles away from our shores. It is inconceivable that our Intel Services are not already ramping up their monitoring operations and presumably, the listening posts of Cyprus will be ‘fairly busy’ during this very real and emerging crisis.

B52's like this could be used against IS targets.

The USA, in coalition with several Middle-Eastern countries, are now carrying out numerous air-strikes against IS targets in Syria and also Iraq. During the night of the 22nd September, some 14 such raids were executed although details of damage occasioned to those targets have not been released. As yet, the UK has not joined in directly; it surely has to be time that we did if our credibility as a key NATO member is to be upheld. Surely the government has the option of declaring a National Emergency which should enable it to order a military intervention irrespective of Parliament? The situation is far too dangerous to allow hand-wringing ‘Conchies’ to prevent our waging what needs to be devastating and concentrated destruction of IS targets wherever they maybe INCLUDING where ever these cells might be uncovered in Great Britain. To fail to do so is nothing short of weakness.

Another chilling consideration to ponder is that on or around the 4th October, the Feast of Holy Sacrifice, Eid al Adha or Kurban Bayram, will commence. Traditionally, this is where the eldest son of a family will take a sheep or a lamb and slaughter it in accordance with Islamic custom. One third is for himself and his immediate family, one third for his extended family and the final third is distributed to the poor and needy. In the wholly perverted minds of these IS vermin, who are entirely non-representative of any true Muslim, it is entirely reasonable to believe that more and more beheadings and other heinous murders will be carried out during Eid and somehow, they will attempt to ‘justify’ their methodology and reasoning. The indefensible cannot be defended; it has to be destroyed, and with ruthless efficiency.

Quite apart from the constitutional whirlwind that swirls around the recently 'saved' United Kingdom, a new form of Desert Storm or ‘Shamal’ is blasting across the Middle East and Asia Minor in the form of Islamic State. Europe is clearly in its path and we must all do our level best to assist our European neighbours in the defence of their respective citizens as well as our own. It is only a matter of time before key targets are hit here by IS ‘sleepers’ and perhaps in a manner that would render the IRA as little more than misbehaving schoolboys. The UK government MUST initiate pre-emptive strikes now and with devastating force – delays maybe costly!


Chris Green 

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