Thursday, 26 March 2020

A Prayer for all Humanity

Lord, as the world's roar is reduced to a whisper
And the pace of living slows from a frenzy to a slowed rhythmic waltz
When each breath of clean spring air and crystal blue sky is an elixir to our tumbling hearts

We pray for humanity

As each day unfolds lord, and we see the emergence of strength and courage in the human spirit, people stepping up in droves to be counted on the shores of adversity, with selfless abandon reaching out to those who suffer, we rejoice empathy, we give thanks for our new type of hero, those with the strength of spirit, and as the day slows to evening

We pray for humanity

As we return to our roots, and basic needs and strip away our requirements for any luxury beyond the desire to live and be loved, and as we are felled, the great and the mighty beside those who have struggled, at last level in our challenges, as we are equal in your eyes Lord.
As we cherish our family and miss in their absence the wonderment of their love and taken for granted warmth

We pray for humanity

As we rediscover time and it's actual meaning, as we slow down tasks and reconnect with our abilities long since forgotten
As we take a longer moment to watch the sun set and the moon rise
As our loved ones pass into the next room and they wait at your side in peace and serenity

We pray for humanity

Lord, you have taught us through many centuries of the cycle of life
That adversity brings change for the better
And, in a world torn apart by many wars
We find ourselves brought together in common purpose, all countries, religions creed and colours, where the world had gone mad, it now finally regains its clarity
And today as one world

We give thanks for humanity



Sarah Lakin (Mrs)