Friday, 30 June 2017

"Farewell to my Old Left Hip"

Farewell then, old trusty left hip,
It's been nigh-on a 60-year relationship!
From childhood games to battlefield,
You've never been known to yield
Yet supported the right in all we've been through:
But now, alas, life is over for you...

For that 5-tonne skid-steer hit in 2013
(an avoidable accident yet unforeseen)
Gave you such a crunch and spun me around
And both plummeted to the ground...
So many attempts to get us both fit,
Sadly, for you - that's IT!

Whether on road site, Cricket or Rugby pitch,
You've borne me onwards with scarce a hitch
Although occasionally a visitor to a drainage ditch
When beer and wine has caused a 'glitch'!
But now the damage is so profound...
For you - sadly - life's run aground.

So, farewell then old trusty hip...
We didn't quite make the 60-year trip!
In a short time now will come the roar
Of the Surgeon (or woodcutters) Saw
And titanium will replace the raw,
No more pain...No longer sore.


Chris Green

Beşparmak Media Services

Footnote: On July 14th 2017, I am entering hospital to undergo the procedure alluded to in the above. I am very much looking forward to getting the whole experience behind me and to move on. My thanks to everyone who have helped me during my recent period of disability and in advance during my recovery. Poetic license employed throughout.

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