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Blair’s Middle East Folly – the legacy explodes!

Middle-East 'Peace Envoy', Tony Blair - the very antithesis of Peace.

In a small, picturesque town square, is gathered a sizeable group of men, elderly women and boys, some as young as just ten years of age. Above the town hall flutters a large, menacing black flag, the symbol of the Islamic State terror group and the murder squads who front them. The younger women and girls of this predominantly Christian community have all been spirited away; presumably, their fate is one of slavery and servitude. They are ‘marketable’, of course. The group of men and boys huddle together, fear seared across their very features and with very good reason, for unless they convert to the branch of Islam apparently practiced by IS they will be executed. After a hiatus period of several hours, they are slaughtered, their bodies piled high.

IS murder squads in action

The above scenario is not, however in Northern Iraq or Syria it is in the quintessentially English setting of Ambridge, the name of the fictitious town made famous by the long running radio series, The Archers. Yes, the above image is equally fictitious and deliberately so, but it is perhaps this kind of situation that Prime Minister Cameron is alluding to when he penned his eerily ‘Blair-like’ predictions, in an article in the Sunday Telegraph and in which he sets out his views as to the risk posed to Great Britain by Islamic State (IS) an organisation accurately described by MP George Galloway as a ‘Serpent of Hate’.

The Prime Minister could be right in some respects, for there are a great many radicalised British-born young men who have gone to wage terror and murder for the murder squadrons of IS. It could well be that those who return to these shores, will themselves establish such units and subjugate our towns and villages to the inhumane treatment being meted out to Yazidi’s and others in Northern Iraq, where the above scenario is almost a daily event.

Finishing the 'job' - IS savages at work

This is where British Intelligence and their military support networks have to do their work thoroughly, by way of identifying those who have departed these shores to perform their terrorist calling and it then behoves to the authorities to deny these people the right to return here. In fine, their nationality should be stripped from them forthwith and they are either incarcerated or better still, expelled.

We would not of course, be having this debate were it not for Blair’s Folly, that of invading Iraq in 2003 with his counter-part in international crime, George Dubya Bush. Since that wholly avoidable and unnecessary intervention on the pretext of Iraq holding WMD’s (they didn’t – and David Kelly was killed for saying so) the whole region has become immersed in sectarianism and is now ablaze as is Syria where in excess of 250,000 people have been slaughtered and millions more displaced, perhaps for ever. Turkey is awash with refugees –to the credit of the Turkish people – and now the Yazidi’s are arriving in South-West Turkey too. There is growing evidence however, that considerable enmity is growing as the numbers of refugees swell. There is a limit to even Turkish hospitality. Recently, groups of Syrian refugees and Turkish residents exchanged Molotov cocktails in Istanbul, or so it was reported. 

RAF Tornado GR1's

Today, we are hearing that Britain is being braced for an extended period of operational involvement in Iraq and not all of this will be humanitarian. RAF Tornado GR1 jets have been deployed to RAF Akrotiri in south Cyprus from where they are flying recon: sorties as well for intelligence gathering purposes. This is of course a euphemism for target acquisition for future air-strikes. We are being told that there will be no British ‘boots in the sand’ but nevertheless, we are intervening again in the bitter soup that we helped to stir up during Blair’s Folly in 2003.

The Middle-East burns and not only because of the baking summer sunshine; it burns because of the activities of the many and various warring factions who are active across the entire region and seemingly the only thing they have in common is the American weaponry that they employ, for certainly IS are not only well armed, trained and organised they are exclusively US armed and led by someone who is apparently of the Jewish faith. Of course, the overall ambition here (casus beli supra omnes) is for the control of fossil fuel energy that derives in the region, but the current and escalating conflict can be directly linked to 2003 and for which both Blair and Bush will long be so condemned, for on their hands is the blood of millions. History is rarely wrong, after all!


Chris Green

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