Saturday, 6 July 2013

شاهزاده فارسی من My Persian Princess

شاهزاده فارسی من

My Perfect Persian Princess

Vision of loveliness, angel divine
I am fortunate  that you are the lady of mine
These lines I compose to try to impress
My Beautiful and Perfect Persian Princess

Separated by family and cultural walls
Love will conquer and confound them all:
And over mountains steep and desert sands
Our hands extended across foreign lands.

But will it be Oxford or old Istanbul,
Ancient Damascus or darkest Kabul:
Tehran or London where our paths coincide,
And my Persian Princess will walk at my side.

So many barriers impede desires to meet:
Religious and political enmities all to defeat,
Love’s inevitable quest for hearts to caress
And the old soldier at last greets, his Persian Princess.

Christopher J Green 29th February 2012.

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