Saturday, 20 February 2016

“The ‘talks’ are over: The Battle for Great Britain is about to begin”

Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Merkel of the '4th Reich'

After protracted talks (and even longer dinners) the negotiations with European Union member state leaders has adjourned and like Neville Chamberlain tried to convince the country with his ‘Peace in our time’ speech at Croydon Aerodrome in 1938, David Cameron will now attempt to sell to the electorate – and many members of his Cabinet – that he has secured ‘Reforms in our time’ in relation to Britain’s ongoing membership within the EU. If anything, the recent talks together with mass-media speculation has polarised the two camps, the Eurosceptic’s or the Brexit group and the Europhile ‘Remain’ band of largely liberals and lefties, but not exclusively so. As this article is being drafted, the date for the referendum has yet to be announced but we can be assured of a very interesting run-in to the recently announced date of the 23rd June 2016.

Unlike other member states, Britain has never had the opportunity to vote for membership of a European Union. The referendum in 1973 was for what became known as the Common Market which inter-alia, in one fell swoop cost us control of our agricultural and fisheries industries and it is noteworthy that Cameron’s negotiations have not touched in this area of considerable national interest. The only other time we were allowed to vote was in 1975 – this writers first ever vote – and for the benefit of younger readers, it is worth reviewing the Common Market Referendum of 1975 as shown below and as reported by the BBC:

1975: UK embraces Europe in referendum 

British voters have backed the UK's continued membership of the European Economic Community by a large majority in the country's first nationwide referendum. Just over 67% of voters supported the Labour government's campaign to stay in the EEC, or Common Market, despite several cabinet ministers having come out in favour of British withdrawal. The result was later hailed by Prime Minister Harold Wilson as a "historic decision". For him the victory came after a long and bruising campaign against many in his own party, following Labour's promise to hold a vote in its general election manifesto last October.  

Faced with the referendum question, "Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?" Britons voted "Yes" in most of the 68 administrative counties, regions and Northern Ireland. Only Shetland and the Western Isles voted against the EEC. Since then, successive governments have consistently denied the British electorate our say in respect of ever ‘closer union’ with the EU although Mr Cameron’s negotiations appear to have gained a Red Line in relation to precisely that during these talks.
During the last 20 years or so, three significant treaties have been signed and ratified without the electoral consent or mandate of the British people which have each ceded more and more sovereignty towards the ‘foreign entity’ that actually IS the EU. We cannot directly elect the government of the EU neither is this unwieldy organisation accountable to the wider electorate, indeed even the accounts have not been signed off because Price Waterhouse cannot – for professional reasons – ratify them and therein so clearly hangs a tail.

Great Britain is the second largest nett contributor to the funding of the European Union behind Germany. Amongst other things, these funds pay for a massive Civil Service machine and a fairly meaningless European Parliament that shuttles variously between Brussels and Strasbourg. We also bail out economic basket cases such as Greece, a nation that should never have been allowed into the Union in the first place, neither too should Greek Cyprus but the latter for very different reasons. Additionally, Britain has a trade deficit with the EU and as such, we are needed rather more so than the opposite. We can – and should – be trading with the world and, as Churchill said “if it is between Europe and the open seas, we shall always choose the Open Seas”

There is another very important consideration here in relation to the ‘Remain-Leave’ Question. It has to be the ultimate irony that on the 23rd June 2016, the British Electorate will be empowered by way of the democratic process to vote on whether or not we recover our sovereignty and self-governance or we cede even more powers to what might well become the United States of Europe. If the electorate vote to Remain then the democracy tool those that so vote have used maybe the very instrument that effectively ends democracy in this country.

If Great Britain is to remain a sovereign Nation State after June 23rd this year, it is critical that eligible voters get off their butts and cast their votes. True patriots will vote OUT whereas the gain-sayer’s (IN) cede their nationalities with their miss-placed crosses.

To conclude; late on the 3rd August 1914, on the eve of what was to become World war One, the then Foreign Secretary Sir Edward (later Viscount) Edward Grey, was quoted as musing “The lamps are going out all across Europe; we may not see them lit again during our lifetime”. In his case, this was to be so as he died in 1938 just as Chamberlain was doing his ‘Peace in our Time’ routine. Countless thousands of men and women have died for this country during the past 100 years so that our land may be a self-governing democracy. The battle is on now to ensure that they did not give their lives in vain.

Chris Green

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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Syrian ‘scams’ have a Nigerian ‘flavour’

Aid Worker retrieving a Syrian child from debris following a Syrian Air Force attack  - Scammers are cashing in on the plight of innocents!

 For many years now, we have become accustomed to being seduced by what have become known as Nigerian Scams. The writer first became so acquainted with these in about 1990 via the medium of a fax (remember faxes?) and more closely so when actually in Lagos, probably the most hostile city ever encountered by this columnist during an excess of 30 years travelling experience. Since then, as communications technology has advanced, such solicitations are transmitted via email, SMS, Skype and a whole variety of online media. In November 2013, this column produced an article entitled “Nigerian Scams from Iran?” which has been extensively read in many parts of the world subsequently. The latest such attempt has been made via Facebook but this time, perhaps topically it comes from someone claiming to be in a military establishment in Syria. This is what the ‘poor widow’ has to say after much preliminary platitudes:

“I am so happy being your friend after so much talks today I came to a conclusion to open up to you because I understand you are someone with a good heart and may not betray me. So i have to have the confidence in you and i want to tell you everything and all the secrets that i have here. My dear before my husband was killed he was a wealthy man because he served as a top military with his Rank up to (فريق أول Feriq awwal) before he died, on that day he was bleeding to death he revealed to me that he had hid some 1.3 million Dollars in a security box with Red Cross Diplomatic Agency in Michigan city Indiana State 46360 USA and wants me to start a new life with our kids with it outside Syria."

"The attack on that fateful day destroy everything we had and I lost my husband, family members and valuables. I have written to Red Cross Diplomat and they have confirmed box with them and they do not have idea on the content. Here, we do not have money to run the expenses on our travel, and our lives so much depend on the box of money. "

"I have so much confidence in you and I want to send the money (box) to you through a diplomat so that you will receive the box and i tell you the security code to open the box. You will collect your delivery expenses money and send us some money through the Red Cross agency to plan our travel arrangement to your place. On our arrival, we plan for establishment and settlement. I know you will not regret helping a poor widow in a war center gain freedom and peace with her two kids. In reciprocating for your kind human gesture on securing the box, we will release to you 30% of the total money. Please write me in confirmation." (SIC)

Needless to say one has not exactly rushed to the aid of our Syrian ‘war-widow’ whose given name and email address do not appear to have much connection with that troubled land! “Leslie Biggs” with the initial part of his/her email address being ‘erickbiselela’ does not give the impression of originating in Raqqa, Alleppo or Damascus but is more likely to arise from some flea-pit internet café in Lagos, where historically, so many of these vile scams have originated from, milking as they do upon the genuine concerns the real victims of situations that we have witnessed in Syria these past five years.


These types of scams, as they are known, are the work of criminal gangs and let us be in no doubt as to this reality as there have been a number of cases where people who have been so duped, they have been enticed to fly to Lagos or wherever, ostensibly to sign documentation and have found themselves taken hostage or worse; but irritating though it is to have ones intelligence impugned by such approaches, the writer believes it to be more than deplorable to indulge in the use of sacred religious text in an attempt to add weight to their solicitation, deeply insulting you would have to think, to those who might be offended in this way. Equally, to come up with a spin involving the loss of a loved one is as nauseous as the former tactic.

Just as the scam mail received by this column arrived via the internet, this article will be similarly transmitted around the world and throughout the various networks in an attempt to highlight this type of crime and to urge all due caution in internet transactions. Beware of scams, wherever they derive from!


Chris Green 

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