Thursday, 18 October 2018

Freedom of Speech in 2018 - The End is at Hand

Very soon, not only here in Great Britain but in many countries around the world, we will be celebrating Remembrance Day (unless you are a Cambridge University Student or Jeremy Corbyn) and this will be especially poignant this year due to it being the 100th year since the ending of what became the First World War, also known as The Great War. The vast majority of British families here today will have had relatives who served and quite possibly paid the ultimate price during that immense struggle, a conflict that claimed vast numbers of mainly very young men. Our family lost our Great Grandfather on our Fathers side and two Great Uncle’s on my Mothers Maternal side of the extended family. Subsequently, the Second World War came and went, and many conflicts have occurred since. One of the principles at stake was Freedom of Expression and Speech. This important principle is now more endangered from the threat of ‘Political Correctness’ and legislation influenced by what has become referred to as the PC Brigade although as ‘Brigades’ go, I would not wish to place too much trust in them at all given that they comprise of weak liberals and ‘Conchies’ (Cowards). 

We now seem to have ‘armies’ that are not poised to defend our country but are constantly trawling social media in all its forms to see if anyone has ‘offended’ anyone either actually, or perceivably and in the case of Facebook, many are placed into virtual ‘jail’ for the crime of speaking one’s mind or expressing a strongly held opinion yet as distinct from our legal system where you are deemed innocent until proven guilty, today there is not only a presumption of guilt there is no opportunity to offer any form of defence or justification of one’s words and actions. 

Sentencing is perfunctory and ‘execution’ immediate with no appeal. I am on yet another such 30-day trip to Facebook jail despite simply telling the truth in relation to a criminal of Nigerian origin. I cited my own experiences of being twice in Nigeria, all of which was negative in the extreme, to back up my observation of not only the individual but his kind in general and some weakling clearly flagged my comment to the FB ‘thought Police’ and the rest is history. The same occurs on 'Twatter' and I am currently on my second suspension now, this time for a week for the heinous 'offence' of advocating dealing with returning IS/Da'Esh 'jihadi's with immediate terminal action: Pathetic reaction by the PC Brigade! 

In the national aspect, once again Freedom of Speech is under potential threat by recent legislation known as Hate Crime. If applied with equality and equanimity, in a society of myriad cultures, then this is not in principle such a bad thing however in practice, it seems to serve to ‘protect’ just one social grouping, non-indigenous to our nation (nor is their Faith) and it is a one-way street; we only have to say something seen as out of place and its jail for real but the quid pro quo rarely applies and this is entirely wrong. My article, “The Pen is mightier than the sword” published in January 2015 in the aftermath of Charli Hebdo in Paris is a stark example of how Freedom of Speech is threatened, and this was made far worse by virtue of the fact that the crime was committed effectively by ‘invaders’ and aliens.

Recently, the Hate Crime legislation is being asked to take into account other ‘concerns’ from the shivering, hand-wringing weakling mob and interestingly, one of these items is that of Misogyny and in this regard, I am personally wholly supportive for my experiences in certain parts of the world especially the Middle East and Asia Minor has shown me the trait in all its inglorious gory and is especially prevalent in the societies that are from that area of the world and this has spread to the many countries where they have migrated to including here in the UK. There can be no doubt whatsoever that misogyny is an integral part of the Faith they practice, but presumably if we then act against the perpetration of same, then the ‘defence’ will be one that doing so ‘offends’ said credo and this could not only end the initial action but have dire consequences for the plaintiff!  A truly crazy scenario indeed. 

The public expression of firmly held views is now likely to earn you a label that may end in ‘ist’ or a word ending in ‘phobic’. There is a perceptible fear that in a public place such as a Pub, the passing of an opinion is likely to ‘offend’ someone in earshot even though they may not be involved in the actual discussion and as such, Freedom of Speech is further impacted. Unsurprisingly, I am frequently so labelled – usually by lefties and liberals – and often chastised for potentially ‘offending’ some snowflake or whatever. 

Recently, I have seen a 3-stage photo montage which depicts teenagers in the factories in the 19th century in the first, then teenage lads in military uniform in WW1 and thirdly 21st century kids ‘sobbing’ because someone has ‘offended them’! I’m very glad I am the age I am now and have learned all I am learned from around the world on my many travels than be young today in 2018.


Chris Green 

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